WALLCARE is a far superior product to plasterskim or any other similar products available in South Africa.


1) It can be applied directly on to a wet or damp, old or existing wall

2) It can be applied directly on to a freshly plastered wet wall.

3) It is cement based and not acrylic based like plasterskim and other similar products.

4) It is completely waterproof which allows for it to skimmed on to walls that have existing dampness problems and thereby achieving a smooth white surface.

5) It can be used as an interior and exterior product.

6) It does not require a primer before painting.

7) It does not have to be painted

8) It can be painted or buffed to a high gloss white surface using ordinary 1000 grit water paper and water which will result in a surface resembling a polished tile!

9) It can be blended into different colours, which we will look into at a later stage.

10) It is very simple to use as it comes in powder form and simply has to be mixed with water and applied onto walls using a plaster trowel.

11) There is no product like it in the South African market and Massmart would be the first to have it.

I do have an exclusivity agreement in place with Victoria International the sole agents for Africa and Australia and am therefore the only supplier in South Africa.

The company that manufactures Wallcare is Ultratech cement which is a subsidiary of  the ADITYA BIRLA GROUP.

This US $40 Billion conglomorate is one of the top 10 grey cement producers and exporters in the world and one of the largest manufacturer and exporter of whit cement.

The white cement is currently being used by Sika AG  as well as TAL for many years, both of these companies are well known in South Africa for their extremely high quality standards and would therefore bear testament to the quality and standard of the the products that the Aditya Birla group manufactures

Market Benefits

1) The large scale contractor looking to have exceptionally smooth walls on a project and eliminating the need for the conventional steps of applying crack fillers, sand papering and applying expensive plaster primers thereby saving him time, labour and ultimately money!

2) The small scale contractor or handyman looking to give a client a superb upmarket finish on a small budget, as he saves time, labour and money by eliminating the processes traditionally involved in repairing damp or defective plaster or new walls as Wallcare is applied straight on to wet surfaces.

2) The DIY homeowner who has had dampness problems from bathrooms that have not been waterproofed and does not have the funds or time or expertise to strip out his bathroom, treat the dampness, re-plumb and re-tile, then strip the paint and defective plaster off the outside walls, re-plaster, sand, primer and paint! Using the Wallcare product, all he has to do is strip out the defective flaking and loose plaster and skim the wall with Walllcare and paint thereby  saving huge amounts of time, inconvenience, labour and money!!!

3) The painters or interior decorators looking to create designs using different textures and finishes from a matt finish to a polished gloss finish or to polish up mouldings such as columns, ballustrades or other concrete or marble cast mouldings.