Blind & Deaf Society

Blind and Deaf people are generally seen as a burden by our society.  People show pity, donate funds and then generally ignore them from their daily lives.   The basic premise of this unique initiative by PPR Education, a wholly owned non-profit initiative by Victoria International, is to offer a new innovative perspective. To see them as people who posses special abilities since loss of one results in other senses become better than what normal people have. To see them as people who posses unique ways of educating and entertaining that can be modelled to create an economically viable entity.

We are working with Durban Blind & Deaf Society  by giving their building a face lift and make it into a new Education & Entertainment Centre that is destined to become a unique entity that will become a favorite outing not only with all the educational institutes but also become  a unique tourist attraction. The plan is to have following seven different set of activities, one for each floor of the building. All programs to be of one hour duration to allow visitors to move from one program to another and so spend a whole day, if they wish to.

1. DARKNESS:  AN EXCITING NEW MEDIUM OF EDUCATION & ENTERTAINMENT: Plan is to create a dark room to let visitors have an hour of fun and education in total darkness. Within a few minutes people get used to the darkness and are able to enjoy the various activities and have an unforgettable experience.

2.   WORLD OF SILENCE: The quite world of the deaf is experienced with a variety of programs that shows fun side of the silent world. By the end of the show visitors not only learn more about deaf but also are able to quieten their own mind and listen to themselves more clearly.

3.   EDUCATION CENTRE: Here visitors experience the interesting education system of blind and deaf.  In addition incorporating PPR Education system gives opportunity to visitors to contribute and participate in the  education of not just the blind and deaf, but also to normal under privileged schools as well.

4.   FOSTERING ENTREPRENEURSHIP: This is place that is more than just an exhibit of the amazing range of products created by the blind & deaf that are kept for sale. It is also a place that visitors get an opportunity to learn skills and become business partners.

5.  HEALTH & REJUVENATION CENTRE: Usually people do not test their eyes and ears on a regular basis as advised by doctors. Hence here visitors can have eyes and ears tested by qualified doctors and given advices on how to care for them.

Secondly, visitors will be offered a unique experience of head and/ or body massage by the blind.

6. GAMES: Visitors participate in  a number of unique games that the blind and deaf play

7. RESTAURANT: Visitors are treated with great food prepared by a handicap kitchen with music being played by blind people.  Special options are available to experience having a meal in dark.

With each of the top six activities being of  one hour  each , it is planned to provide visitors an entire day of unforgettable experience.