Ceiling Tiles

 DFB Gypsum Ceiling Tiles are manufactured with an incombustible gypsum core, lined with paper bonded on both sides. It comes in a wide variety of decorative vinyl laminates, which are recognized in providing aesthetic appearance along with the long lasting and low maintenance.

The vinyl foil are classified as Class “2” in the Flame Spread Test in accordance to British Standard 476 Part 7: 1971 DFB GypTile can be supplied in: Front PVC Laminated with Paper Backing & Front PVC Laminated with polished Aluminum Foil Backing.

Vinyl Decorative GypTile®

DFB GypTile comes in Superior Quality Vinyl Laminates, available in embossed, plain & printed patterns, which can either match or contrast with the design or layout of any particular area. The vinyl surface requires no further decoration; it is easily cleaned and provides good light reflection.


Colored Texture GypTile®


DFB Color Gypsum Ceiling Tiles are pre-painted ceiling panels which are coated with a special paint which has anti-mould growth and anti-yellowing properties. Color Ceiling panel has round semi-perforations in random pattern and is an economical, durable and dimensionally stable ceiling panel.

Foil Backed Tiles

DFB GypTile with Foil Backing is bonded with the special aluminum foil sheet at the back liner, which prevents heat penetration, provides effective vapor retardant and provides good reflective thermal insulation values respectively. It is ideal for use in top floors of the commercial and residential buildings that are directly affected by heat or sunlight.


Thickness Metric Size (mm) Imperial Size (mm) Packing 20ft Container Loading
7.5mm 600 x 600 603 x 603 10pcs / CTN 1150 CTN
8mm 600 x 600 603 x 603 8pcs / CTN 1250 CTN
9mm 600 x 600 603 x 603 8pcs / CTN 1150 CTN
9mm 600 x 1200 600x 1206 6pcs / CTN 708 CTN
* 12mm 600 x 600 603 x 603 6pcs / CTN 1150 CTN
* 12mm 600 x 1200 600x 1206 4pcs / CTN 708 CTN


Recommended Edge


Suitable for T-Bar Ceilings, requires no jointing