This is PPR’s unique and ground breaking 7 step processes. We at PPR have tried and tested our unique methods in various schools so far and due to the commitment from teachers and students we have noticed extraordinary results.
Here we list the processes in detail explaining exactly how we go about making a difference.

1) Live classroom recording or on one to one basis with PC based recording with teachers to make podcast and distribute to students. PPR has a low cost, non-intrusive way of recording that is more readily accepted by teachers.

OBJECTIVE: The impact of recording teachers while in class room on a regular , almost daily basis is huge. It’s the best self-development tool available, and in underprivileged schools also ensures that teachers attend class, prepare and teach. It is for teacher to decide  when and how much of ready made podcast and video and material prepared by other teachers to us. In PPR system, the teacher is give the centre-stage.  For students as well,  having a DVD of what the teacher taught in class is a big help to do homework, understand the topic better and catch up classes he / she might have missed.

OPPORTUNITY: Partnering company DVD’s produced and viewed by students afford space for brand promotion.

2) Organize learner’s study group to get them to help each other get better.

OBJECTIVE: our education system is structured to make students selfish…since it requires students to focus on self-development only and view other students as competitors. However once out of school, most career’s that students choose requires students excel as team. Hence focus of learner’s study group is to formally create teams so that students within a team help each other – and ensure the team succeeds as a unit.

OPPORTUNITY: Edupreneur who is instrumental in making this happen, can be given corporate uniform or at least wear shirts / caps to school every day that has company branding. Since Edupreneur is visiting school fully involved in helping teachers and students every day, this allows an exclusive space for the brand and a daily exposure to it. Most importantly it associates the brand with the good work that is being undertaken by the Edupreneur. Secondly, PC tablets are usually provided to each group during the session to enable them to listen to their teacher’s podcast. PC tablets can carry the corporate brand and since it is quite likely the 1st time these students would have handled a PC tablet they are very excited about and the experience – and the brand should get remembered for a long time by the students.

3) Arrange contribution of MENTOR TEACHER

OBJECTIVE : Identify topics and mentor teachers to handle them via Skype for Learners Study Groups and with teachers.

OPPORTUNITY: Mentor teachers work is voluntary. However your organization can provide a reward and make such volunteering work more attractive. It helps your brand to go beyond the school. Especially since more and more University Students are volunteering, the impact of corporate contribution can be substantial.

4) Arrange EQ classes to help students know themselves and what they want to do in future.

OBJECTIVE: We have a EQ specialist who visits school once a week to get students (and interested teachers)  to know themselves and what they want from future – better.

OPPORTUNITY: EQ sessions are enjoyable and meaningful for participants. Brand promotion done during these sessions would get remembered by the participants.

5) Interact with mentor company about the progress and challenges to carry out the work.

OBJECTIVE: EDUPRENEUR depends partially or fully on the income he generates from mentoring company like yourself. He provides monthly and quarterly report is created and regular consultation carried out with mentor company to ensure they are getting value for the money they spend.

OPPORTUNITIES: Corporates get an opportunity to develop entrepreneurial abilities in the Edupreneur. He is provided with basic  training to acquire entrepreneurial skills and manage his work in school not as an employee but as an entrepreneur – bringing higher levels of commitment to the job. This allows corporates to fulfill BEE’s enterprise development skills.

6) Convince students and teachers to fill PROMISE MYSELF forms at the start of the year and help monitor progress during the year.

OBJECTIVE: PROMISE MYSELF forms allow students to set a target for themselves in writing for the year. It requires them to decide what they want to do after Matric.

OPPORTUNITIES: PROMISE MYSELF is an opportunity for students to focus at their future at the start of their matric year. It allows corporates to identify potential of candidates who can be employed or helped and give them a whole year to watch their performance. It also allows corporates to offer opportunities like job shadowing, temporary jobs during the year and full time jobs or bursaries at the end of the year. It works as a huge incentive for students to take studies seriously when they can see a promising future.


OBJECTIVE:This is a day at the start of the year, where teachers with concrete results is given a certificate, leaders of student study group speak of commitment of their  team for the year and companies in neighbourhood participate in debate on way forward. Another one may be held half down through the year.

OPPORTUNITIES: Corporates sponsoring such an event get good publicity in the community for its work  since local newspapers cover the event  and provides corporates opportunity to dovetail their own