Extra neutral alcohol / rectified spirit

Victoria International’s ENA conforms to international standards and is exported in food grade HDPE drums and ISO tanks to Middle East, Africa and Srilanka, apart from being supplied to many of India’s premium liquor brands.

The ENA plant is based on the principles of multi pressure-cascading techniques and the process control is done by Digital Distributed Control System.

In addition to its use in the production of potable alcohol, ENA is used as a reaction aid in the pharmaceutical industry and as a volatile carrier of flavour and fragrances.

The three state-of-the-art distilleries situated at Kashipur, Uttarakhand; Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh; and Todarpur (Saharanpur), Uttar Pradesh are engaged in producing ENA of the highest international quality – minimum 96.4% v/v ENA.