FB Applications

False Ceilings :

V-Board is ideally suited for false ceiling applications in offices, residence, industries, commercial establishments and as well as for high humidity locations like toilets, kitchens, washrooms, laboratories and healthcare facilities etc.  V-Board false ceilings can be finished with decorative paints also.

Available thickness are 4,6 mm..   for more

Wall-Partitions :

Vboard, with its triple advantages of being resistant to fire, water & termites, is ideally suited for all domestic & commercial establishments like offices, hospitals, commercial, & entertainment centres, shopping malls etc.

Unlike other partions, Vboards do not get spoilt with termites & moisture in laboratories, kitchens, laundries & washrooms. Partions can finished with paints, laminations, veneers, wall paper or any other decorative finishes

Available thicknesses are 8,9,10,12 mm..   for more

Wall Paneling :

V-Board provides an aesthetically appealing solution for paneling. Various finishes like laminations, veneer, wallpaper etc can be applied on to the same to further add its elegant look. This application is ideally suited for moisture prone areas where dampness in the walls can be covered.

Available thickness are 9,10 mm..   for more

Door Panels :

V-Board are being used extensively in door application for toilets, bathrooms and kitchen and balcony areas.  The boards being Fire-Water-Termite resistant resistant ,which are durable and long lasting are ideally suited for doors.

Available thickness are 10,12,14 mm..   for more

Mezzanine Flooring :

V-Board in higher thickness are specially suited for load carrying and make an excellent flooring material for low roof areas like mezzanine floors, extra storage areas etc.  The time to erect these boards is less compared to conventional methods.  Vitrified or ceramic tiles, vinyl flooring or carpets to match the décor can be added for better finish.

Available thickness are 18,20,25 mm..   for more

Back liners :

V-Board being termite, moisture proof and fire resistant, are most suited for cupboards, Kitchen cabinets, furniture back liners, electrical board back liners.  The boards recommended are 6/8mm thickness which can be screwed on the rear side of the cabinets, cupboards and furniture liners.  (The board should be coated with primer on both sides)

Structural Glazing Back lining:

V-Board is the most effective and economical solution as a back lining material V-Board with inherent qualities like moisture resistant surface, also provides good thermal resistance in reducing the heat transfer from structural glazing.  V-Board  of 6/8 mm thick are fixed in between the concrete beam and aluminum / powder coated structural glazing framework for effective condensation and temperature control.