Manufacturing activities of Victoria International is born out of the need of our customers for value added products from the raw material and base chemicals that we mainly supply.. It also helps improve presence of our manufacturer’s and principals in the markets we operate in.
It is an initiative that provides local employment and so is in line with the countries priorities.
A variety of activities is currently underway and a growing new number is in pipeline. Some activities are in-house,others are out sourced. A shot list of activities as as on date are as follows:
1. Value added product from White Cement. These include terrazzo flooring, special wall plaster, cement paints. Products like kitchen counters, wash basins, decorative pillars, garden artifacts etc.
2. Value added product from gypsum: These include cornices, wall cladding and wall plasters
3. Products for Building Industry:  .A variety of products that are used by builders and kept in hardware shop are manufactured and packaged locally.
4. Packaging: Repackaging services of variety of chemicals, oils and raw materials. In addition packaging of variety of industrial gases is on card.
5.  Bio-diesel manufacturing plant: We offer technology and raw material to companies interested in setting up bio-diesel manufacturing plant.
Our core strength is technical expertise, vast experience in manufacturing  and knowledge of local conditions and market are combined to continue developing our manufacturing activities as one of our core area of focus.