Ion Exchange Resins


Thermax Chemicals is one of the leading manufacturers of a gamut of TULSION® brand. Ion Exchange Resins for over 35 years. TULSION® is a premium brand and enjoys a global reputation in the field of water treatment and process application technologies, based on Ion exchange resins.

Apart from the Industrial water treatment applications like Softening, Dealkalization, Demineralisation we also have a wide range of Resins for Special applications including:

• Purification-Separation-Recovery-Removal

• Polymeric Adsorbent Resins

• Polymeric Catalyst Resins

• Ion Exchange Resins for Biotechnology

• Chelating Resins for Metal Recovery

• Resins for Ultra-Pure Water

• Resins for Customized application

Water Treatment Chemicals


Thermax’s  Chemical business has also pioneered in the field of fuel & water treatment including Boiler Water Chemicals, Cooling Water Chemicals, Polyelectrolytes, Reverse Osmosis Chemicals, Fire Side Chemicals & Fuel Additives catering to a spectrum of  more than 40 Industry sectors and 5000 plus references.

Fuel Additives & Fireside Chemicals

Thermax Chemicals offers a wide range of fuel treatment chemicals. The Thermosol range of products are designed to condition fuel for better performance and operation of the system.

Green Chemicals


Thermax offers specialized green chemicals that benefit the industry with cost savings – in regulatory and compliance cost, water consumption, reduced utility cost, and improve the community’s wellbeing.

Sugar Industry Chemicals


Thermax offers a range of speciality sugar chemicals. Our range includes organic and inorganic antiscalants, biocides and sugar juice clarifications.

Paper Chemicals – Redefining pulp and paper industry


Thermax-Georgia Pacific combine offers the entire spectrum of performance paper chemicals formulated to enhance the physical attributes of the paper products from wet and dry strength resins, internal alkaline sizes, surface sizes and box board coatings to specialty products such as charge modifiers and anionic trash collectors.

Oil Field Chemicals


Thermax Oil Field chemicals are popular not merely on the strength of their chemical specifications, but on the value of their performance. A wide range of Pour Point Depressants are manufactured for handling crude oils of various characteristics. These chemicals improve fluidity in pipeline transportation of crude oils and give significant cost benefits by improving flow characteristics.