Wall Care Putty

Product Information

The elegant décor of your home can easily be marred by the eyesore of flaking, ruining even the expensive coat of paint on your walls. Birla White Wallcare Putty offers you total protection against flaking. Its superior quality makes it the only putty in India to meet global standards (HDB, Singapore). As a white cement-based putty, it binds strongly with the base plaster, even if the surface is damp, and forms a protective base. It fills up the fine pores in the walls and ceiling, giving you a smooth and dry surface for painting on. With an effective protection against flaking, you are assured of a good looking home for years to come.

Birla White Wallcare Putty


Airports, railway stations, theatres, exhibition halls, flyover walls etc.

Here’s how to use Birla White Wallcare Putty:

  • Use Birla White Wallcare Putty (Fine) on plastered surface before painting. If there are major undulations use Birla White Wallcare Putty (coarse) to level the surface. Usually, a 6-10 mm coat of this product will remove the undulations. This is done in steps of 3 mm using putty blade. Trowelling is not possible when coarse putty is used for levelling.
  • Apply two coats (Max 1.5 mm total thickness for both the coats) of Birla White Wallcare Putty (Fine) on the coarse putty substrate to make the surface smooth and provide a protective undercoat for expensive paints. It also brings out the true tone of any shade/colour of paint (especially pastel shades)
  • Protection to Expensive Paints
    Birla White Wallcare Putty becomes a part of the wall plaster when applied on the wall. Its water-resistant property ensures that the paint doesn’t flake off even if the walls are damp, ensuring a long life for your expensive paints.
  • Getting a proper line and level surface
    Birla White Wallcare Putty Coarse (Matt Finish – MF) applied in thicker coats (5 – 15 mm) covers up the undulations on the plastered surface. It fills up the minor cracks/crevices in the plastered wall and provides an even levelled surface.
    To make the surface absolutely smooth, two coats of Birla White Wall Care Putty Smooth Finish – SF is recommended over the coarse coat. When the paint is applied on such a levelled wall, the results are obviously stunning. It also brings out the true tone/shade of the paint as it’s made of white cement.
  • Best value for money
    Birla White Wallcare Putty doesn’t need a paint primer for paint applicaiton, which makes it highly economical as compared to conventional putty, POP and acrylic putty. What’s more, it reduces paint consumption by 25-30% being smooth, durable and less absorbent as compared to conventional options. Other factors that help save you money are its high coverage and ease of application attributes.
  • Suitable for both internal and external walls
    Birla White Wallcare Putty is the first cement-based putty in India, which is suitable for both internal as well as external walls. If applied on external walls, it fills minor cracks/crevices in the wall surface and helps reduce seepage.
Product Specifications – Wallcare Putty – Smooth Finish ” SF”
  PROPERTY Wallcare Putty – SF As Per HDB (Housing Development Board), Singapore for reference
1. ) @ 28 Days > 1.0 >=0.8 N/MM2
2. ) @ 28 Days > 9.0 7-12 N/MM2
3. Setting Time (Minutes) – Initial
=> 100
=< 500
< 360
< 500
4. Water Absorption Coefficient –
< 1.0  
5. (ML) @ 24 Hrs. 0.8  
6. Water Retentivity % > 98 > 95
The information given above is for general guidance only. Specific instructions for various site conditions can be provided on demand

Q. What is Birla White Wallcare Putty?
A. Birla White Wallcare Putty is a water-resistant base coat, which provides a protective base for your expensive paints.

Q. What are the main constituents of Birla White Wallcare Putty?
Birla White Wallcare Putty consists of Birla White Cement, high quality polymers and specialty chemicals and mineral fillers.

Q. How many grades/types of Wallcare Putty are available and how are they different?
Birla White Wallcare Putty is available in two grades: SF (Fine Putty) and MF (Coarse Putty). Wallcare Putty MF is used as first coat on the surface to cover major undulations and final finishing is done by applying Wallcare Putty SF.

Q. How many coats of Birla White Wallcare Putty should be applied on the surface before painting?
The number of coats depends on the quality of the surface on which it is applied. Normally, 1-2 coats of Birla White Wallcare Putty MF and 1-2 coats of Wallcare Putty SF are ideal.

Q. What type of surface is ideal for applying Birla White Wallcare Putty?
Almost every kind of surface. But it should be free from loose particles, oil stains etc.

Q. Is there a need to cure the surface before applying Birla White Wallcare Putty?
The surface should ideally be pre-wetted before applying Birla White Wallcare Putty. It helps in providing a strong bond with the substrate.

Q. How to increase the thickness of Birla White Wallcare Putty’s coat to cover undulations in the wall?
Birla White Wallcare Putty SF should not be used as a levelling material. However, for such cases, Birla White Wallcare Putty MF (coarse putty) in multiple coats should be used before applying Wallcare Putty SF.

Q. Should curing be done after the application of Birla White Wallcare Putty?

A. In case of Birla White Wallcare Putty, curing is not required.

Q. What is the ideal coverage area of Birla White Wallcare Putty?
A. Although, the coverage area would depend on the surface quality, the coverage area of Birla White Wallcare Putty SF is 20-22 sq.ft./kg and for Wallcare Putty MF is 9-10 sq.ft./kg in ideal conditions.

Q. Birla White Wallcare Putty or POP (Plaster of Paris) – which is better?
A. Birla White Wallcare Putty stands out as a much better option than Plaster of Paris. POP is extremely hygroscopic and is susceptible to the ingress of moisture, which damages the surface. But Birla White Wallcare Putty is a white cement-based product with the property of water resistance. Also, a coat of primer should ideally be applied on POP, which is not required in the case of Birla White Wallcare Putty.